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When to you use the Beppy tampon?


The Beppy tampon was developed by gynaecologists. An easy-to-use and hygienic string-free tampon, designed for maximum comfort and optimum protection.

Play sports with Beppy tampons
Beppy tampons give you a safe and secure feeling when playing sports. With Beppy, you no longer have to give up your sports afternoon. Beppy always remains firmly in place and doesn’t leak. Whether you’re doing Pilates or playing rugby, Beppy provides optimal protection. You don’t feel the Beppy tampon and it doesn’t shift.

Beppy is also popular amongst female endurance athletes. With Beppy tampons you can run a marathon, for example, or compete in a triathlon with no worries or inconvenience.

Easy In! Easy Out!

If you want to go out for one night, go to a spa, or want to look fabulous with this string-free tampon you are invisibly protected. You feel free during your period. And... you don’t need to go to the toilet every hour, because you can wear the Beppy for max. 8 hours.

With the Beppy Tampons you can do everything you like to do, also go for a swim during your menstruation period. Because the tampon absorb the fluid inside your body. The vagina is naturally a closed system. Because of the string on standard tampons, you will open this system a little bit. With the Beppy Tampon you don’t have this problem. It is important that you put the tampon deep enough when you go swimming, for the best absorbtion place it against your cervix.

Your Period & Sex with Beppy
What if you just feel more than usual like having sex during your period? You can. Biologists explain this behaviour by the fact that at that time of the month, women can be almost certain they can’t get pregnant, and that makes them feel less inhibited. There are virtually no medical objections to making love during menstruation. For some women, intercourse during menstruation can be very relaxing or exciting.

A choice, thanks to Beppy!

Fortunately, thanks to the Beppy tampon, you can have sex and still stay clean, without spots on your bed linens. On the Viva forum you can read why women do or don’t have sex when they are menstruating. The choice is always yours, but it is nice to know that you have the freedom to do what you please.

Our advice is not to use the Beppy Tampon for the first time directly during sex. If you do, please wait a little time to remove the Beppy Tampon, because the vagina is stretched. And it will be difficult to remove the tampon. If you just wait a moment, you can remove it easily.

The Beppy tampon is like any other tampon no contraceptive. It is possible for you to become pregnant.